Members of the Happy Hollow Association

Who are members of the Happy Hollow Association?
Did you know that if you have donated
$200 dollars or more in a calendar year
or donated materials valued at $200 or more and

 are 18 years or older
you are a member for that year.
If you paid for campers for any of the sessions of the summer and that amount was $200 or more then you are member of the Happy Hollow Association for that year.

Members of the Association are AKA
“Friends of Camp”

What does it mean to be a member of Happy Hollow Association?

Members of the association can make nominations
for Board positions that are required to be filled due to expiration of their term
and / or  new positions for the Board that need to be filled.  
Members can then vote at the Annual meeting that takes place in or around the first week in November of that year.
The date for the annual meeting is announced in October.

(Day to be announced in October)
Board members are asked to commit to a three (3) year term.
At the end of their term, nominations to fill these terms will be extended
to the association through a nomination committee appointed by the
President of the Board.
Board members must be members of the Church of Christ and in good standing thereof.
No more than three (3) members of the Board can be from any one congregation.