Rebuilding Progress

Why NOW To Rebuild?
With 60 years of service, capital improvements are necessary to meet current building codes. A revitalized camp will expand future ministry possibilities including, church retreats, youth events, weddings/receptions and more!
Rebuilding Completed
Structure                                        Cost     Received
7  Storm Shelters (installed) $19,998 $19,998
10  New Cabins  (completed) $230,997 $230,997
Tractor Barn       (completed) $22,171 $22,171
New Craft Building (completed) $72,797 $72,797
Swimming Pool  (completed) $311,018 $311,018
See page 2 for future plans below    
Donate Now!
Gifts of $2,500 or more will be recognized with your name on the Legacy Wall