About Happy Hollow

Happy Hollow’s Proud History
Happy Hollow Bible Camp was founded in 1957 on land donated by Earl & Alma McNeese with the mission of bringing young people close to nature so that their thoughts can be naturally guided into the proper channels for shaping them into honest Christian men and women. Thousands of campers have attended Happy Hollow and hundreds of people have been baptized in the Happy Hollow pool.
Board of Directors

Nelson Kibby—President   (Fordland)
417.988.4362 nkibby@springfieldmo.gov
Duane Lindsey—Vice President  (Sunset)
417.766.1040 dlindsey@spsmail.org
Jason Luna—Secretary   (Watermill)
417.838.7152 lunj72@gmail.com
Larry Baggett—Treasurer   (Watermill)
417.880.5309 matthew712@reagan.com
Tim Stockstill—-Web Master  (Watermill)
417.849.7678 tim.stockstill@mediacombb.net
Brandon Frantz                   (Seymour)
417.839.4801 frantzcement@yahoo.com
Jeff Klein                             (Sunset)
417.496.5380 jklein@spsmail.org
Tim McNeese                      (Nebraska)
402.362.6487 tdmcneese@york.edu
Brennon Abraham                 (Buffalo)
417.733.3371 buffaloabe@yahoo.com
Noah McNeese                      (Nebraska)
402.604.1478 kmcneese@hamilton.net
Josh Romo                         (Fordland)
417.493.8854 joshromo@fordlandchurchofchrist.org
 Ralph McClurg                 (Mt Vernon)


Johnathan Zerby                      (Mt Vernon)
806.903.9060 jdzerby@gmail.com  
Craig Johnson                      (El Dorado Springs)
402.604.1478 craigjohnson12@hotmail.com