10th 11th Session Details

Brent Green   email: kofibgreen@gmail.com   Phone:  417-536-5260
Overnight session July 28 – Aug 2   Check in   Sunday 2:00 pm – 3:30  pm
Pickup starts Friday at 9:15 am and campers must be picked up no later than 10:00 am

Camp is a time to unplug from the world. Campers will not be allowed to have or use electronics, including cell phones/tablets. Our focus during the week will be on spiritual matters. The camp rules listed on Happy Hollow Bible Camp’s website will be enforced to allow for fewer distractions and accidents and to create the spiritual atmosphere we desire. All campers and staff are expected to dress modestly. Shorts MUST be knee-length.

PARENTS: Please make sure that your campers come prepared to abide by ALL the camp rules. If problems arise, you will be contacted and dismissal may be necessary. Please remind your campers to practice general cleanliness, including showering, brushing teeth, and washing hands. We’ll try to remind them throughout the week also. We will be diligent but rational in seeking to have a healthy, safe, and smell-free week.
An informational brochure will be mailed out to registered campers with reminders, rules, theme nights, and a list of what to bring. Pictures taken during the week will be posted on our private Facebook group page. We look forward to seeing you at camp!

Johnathan Zerby   email: jdzerby@gmail.com   Phone:  806-930-9061
Overnight session Aug 5 – 10    Check in Sunday 1:00 pm   Ends Saturday 10:00 am

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