4th 5th 6th Session Details

Larry Baggett   email: matthew712@reagan.com   Phone:  417-880-5309
Note girls side is almost full 5 spots left, a few spots for boys still available.
Overnight session June 18th – 24th   Check in Sunday 2:00 pm    Ends Saturday 9:00 am

Participants are encouraged to remain on site for the entire camp week.  Any deviation of this rule affects the cohesiveness of the goals for the week.
Due to homesickness issues, our busy daily schedule, and required camper participation we discourage visitation.
For the safety and protection of both campers and staff we try to limit our visitors to delivery drivers of camp goods, necessary maintenance contractors, and state health inspectors. These visitors will check in with the camp director upon arrival.  Thank you for partnering with us to protect our campers.

Tim McNeese   email: tdmcneese@york.edu   Phone: 402-366-4681
Note girls side is almost full 5 spots left full, a few spots for boys still available
Overnight session June 25th – July 1st   Check in Sunday 3:00 pm   Ends Saturday 10:00 am

Robbie Heavin   email: clyheavin@sbcglobal.net   Phone:  417-833-3126
Day Camp session July 3rd – 7th  Check in each morning 9:00 am pick up at Kansas Exp only

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