Rebuilding Effort

George’s Pool
In 2012, Happy Hollow lost a beloved friend and supporter, George Downing. His love for the camp and the hundreds of campers he mentored while serving as a counselor during the last 12 years of his life as a Christian serves to encourage us to live closer to God. George had an urgency to share God’s message of love to whoever’s heart was hurting. Many young people will be in heaven because George cared about them and showed them The Father in his life. George worked tirelessly to maintain the pool at Happy Hollow where hundreds were baptized and enjoyed Christian fellowship. Thank you for all your generous support in helping us complete the new swimming pool in time for our 2014 sessions and for the future generations to come.
 George’s Pool Includes

A completely new pool
 A beach entry pool with water shooters
A landscaped memorial area around the pool
Pool shower house 
and a fire pit devotional area
Completed in 2015

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