Rebuilding Effort

Why NOW To Rebuild?
With 55 years of service, capital improvements are necessary to meet current building codes. A revitalized camp will expand future ministry possibilities including, church retreats, youth events, weddings/receptions and more!
Rebuilding Plans
7  Storm Shelters $24,500
 6 Basic Cabins  (4 completed) $136,000
A-Frame Remodel $100,000
Well & Pump House Upgrades $20,000
Refurbish Outdoor Sports Areas $15,000
New Summing Pool 100% Complete $250,000
Extended Shower house  100% Complete $45,000
Recreation Hall $20,000
Remodel Staff Quarters $25,000
Picnic Area With BBQ Pit $30,000
Kitchen/Dining/Multipurpose Bldg $920,000
Maintenance Fund $100,000
Donate Now!
Gifts of $2,500 or more will be recognized with your name on the Legacy Wall
Make a donation of $500 or more and send one family member to camp for free!